Digital Marketing and Lead Generation

Social Media Strategy

We will create a social media marketing strategy custom designed to increase your company’s exposure to your target audience.

The more tweets, Facebook posts and activity, YouTube videos and other social media activity puts you in front of potential customers.

This marketing strategy will not only help to drive traffic to your company, but will help begin the process of the long term investment of branding.

Website Tools

By implementing tools on your website to help convert visitors like an online chat feature and an exit offer (explain), your website investment’s ROI will be much higher than most of your competitors.

Linking your site to your social media traffic will also provide multiple opportunities for customers to see what you do and that you are active.

Lead Generation Websites

What is better than having a great website that is generating daily calls/emails about work? Having more than one!

We can create a referral website with all of the same features (and marketing efforts) as you choose for your website to generate the same kind of traffic for your industry, effectively doubling the increase in traffic. This referral site can also serve as a way to expand your services into other areas you want to target.