Custom, Optimized Website Creation

Features and Benefits1seo-for-internet-marketing-companies

  • Educates your customers offering value for visiting your website and giving them a reason to stay on your website. As well as helping Google and other search engines to decide to rank your website as fully relevant for your industry.


  • 83% of all searches for goods or services are done on a mobile device. Our web designs are fully responsive, meaning that your site will look great and be easy for potential customers to navigate, increasing the likelihood of a positive response. Google penalizes sites that aren’t mobile responsive, a fact that most service companies are unaware of to their detriment.


  • Search Engine Optimization (Better Google Rankings) and site promotion helps leverage the investment you have made in your website and like any other promotional activity makes a direct contribution to your bottom-line. A web site having a high ranking means more people see the name of the company and become familiar with the company and its products, even if they haven’t made a purchase before.


  • People more than ever like to search for products and services online before they make a buying decision. This is a fact of life and not going away anytime soon. If people can’t find your website anywhere on the internet, you’re missing out (page 3 of Google search is the best place to hide a dead body!). Website Optimization and getting better Google Rankings is the best and most proven method to gaining increased website visitors and leads.


  • Search engine optimization helps bring paying customers to your door step. The customers that SEO brings you are looking for your products/services as they have entered your websites keywords/phrases into the search engines. Our SEO process optimizes your website for specific keywords related to what your business is all about.


  • Search Engine Optimization typically provides a much greater return on investment when compared to newspaper ads, tv commercials and traditional mail based advertising (which, unless a strategy of saturation to the goal of branding is implemented, is effectively gambling). As well you will actually get feedback and stats supporting this.


More exposure ultimately means more eyes on your site, so the easier it is to find and navigate your website the more leads you will have. The higher your ranking, both organically and on maps, the higher you lead generation and therefore workflow and profit.